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King Kekaulike High School Junior Prom 2012

King Kekaulike Junior Prom was held at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa in Ka’anapali. Sweet-Art Designs created a gazebo dance floor for their memorable night.

Gazebo includes 4 columns – Gold and white balloons, 4 single helium pearl arches (2 criss cross, 1 front, 1 back) with gold and white balloons, with added clear stars around balloons, and a simple touch of gold star & swirl danglers.

20120728-054256 PM.jpg

Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Theme

Hungry caterpillar! Our clients did a great job on the creative caterpillar made of lanterns!

Sweet-Art Designs helped this hungry caterpillar by bringing in mylar shape goodies! Fruits, ice cream, cupcakes and more! Used with 11″ helium clusters for color and fun!

Cafe O’Lei at the Dunes Maui Lani Restaurant

20120728-050736 PM.jpg

20120728-050753 PM.jpg

20120728-050805 PM.jpg

20120728-050856 PM.jpg

20120728-050921 PM.jpg

20120728-050948 PM.jpg

20120728-051000 PM.jpg

20120728-051048 PM.jpg

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Birthday Party




Sweet-Art Designs provided the flower balloon columns, flower centerpieces for the stage, birthday banner, and the round table with mini balloon arch for the cupcake display!

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Birthday Balloons Sweet-Art Designs Maui

Camouflage Birthday Balloons


Camo Camo Camo! Creative way to give the camouflage look to this wonderful party! Sweet-Art Designs provided the stage arch with mini columns, the entrance arch, and also did a few 11″ clusters that floated above the kids activity area. Jenilee & Cory did a great job with the other decor, favors, centerpieces and more!

amouflage Birthday Party Balloons - Sweet-Art Designs Maui

Rainbow of Colors – Balloon Arch

Ever wanted to walk under a rainbow? Sweet-Art Designs brings the “Rainbow of Colors” to you with this balloon entrance arch. Clusters of colors are used to create this wonderful six color sculpture for a first birthday celebration for Jubilee.

Rainbow Balloon Arch - Sweet-Art Designs Maui

Two string of pearls were made as a criss cross and used to provide decor near the entertainment area.

Criss Cross String of Pearl Arch - Sweet-Art Designs

Jubilee spent time with her family and friends in a joyous celebration!

Rainbow Birthday Invitation

Company Holiday Party Balloon Decor

Sweet-Art Designs Maui - Holiday Balloon Decorations Company Party

Event Decorations (White, Silver & Teal)

Sweet-Art Designs assisted with decorations for the Holiday Jumpoff  at LuLu’s Lahaina Surf Club & Grill! Music by Dezman, Gomega & Malino that was held on November 5th, 2010.

Flowers, Cupcakes, Goodies oh my!

Thank you to @MauiButterfly for the wonderful mini cupcake cones & cake pops! Loved all the goodies they prepared!

Cupcakes & Flowers First Birthday - Balloon Arch Decorations

Balloon Decorations – Right at home!

Balloons at home – First Birthday (pink, brown, lime green, blue)

Wedding – Black, Red, White (Backdrop, balloon arch and more!)

Hello Kitty Birthday Decor (Pink, Purple & White Balloons)

Happy 1st Birthday Brianna!

As this celebration was planned, daddy enjoyed ordering HELLO KITTY GALORE!

Hello Kitty 1st Birthday Decor Maui

Another creative Card Box – Hello Kitty shape made by Sharon Lei Clemons.

Hello Kitty Party Balloons & Card Box

But as you can     see, it turned out very cute! This was a SUPER FUN party to decorate, putting in ideas along the way.

At the entrance you are welcomed by a Radiant Balloon Arch as you sign in at the check-in table and that’s not all, HELLO KITTY is there to greet you. Waving “Aloha” she sits tall next to the party favors (mini white boxes candy filled with a personalized photo label of thanks) … You can also see some of the centerpieces – Hello Kitty Lunch Boxes wrapped in cellophane and tied with a satin ribbon. There were also fun Hello Kitty boxes with all sorts of goodies inside!

As you depart the check-in table you will see the two Flower Balloon Columns on each side and topped with a Hello Kitty Mylar. On the tables there were loose helium Hello Kitty balloons that were attached to each centerpiece.

Towards the front of the party you then come to a Balloon Stage Arch with  Hello Kitty Mylar Bouquets that consist of two stars, two Hello Kitty flowers, and a Hello Kitty Shape on each side. Let’s not forget about the Princess Kitty Mylar Shapes too!

Hello Kitty Balloon Decor (pink, purple, white) Maui

Black, Silver & Purple Theme… Invitation, Banner, Balloon Columns, Arch & More!

From the beginning, to the middle, to the end… Sweet-Art Designs was able to assist with first the mini photo session which we used the photos for the invitations,  full color poster foam board for the graduation ceremony, a matching 10′ x 4′ full color custom banner, a DVD slideshow of the graduate, two – 9′-10′ balloon columns, seven – 5″ balloon cluster spheres and a wonderful radiant balloon arch. Let’s not forget our connection with Sharon Lei Clemons on this awesome Custom Crown Money Box!

To Order or Request a Custom Money Box, please e-mail: and to learn more about Sharon Lei the Creator!

Graduation Banner: Banner 10 x 4 Graduation Silver Purple Black

Sweet-Art Designs Party & Balloon Decor Maui

Tinkerbell Birthday – Pastel Balloon Arch (Pink, Lavender, Green & Yellow)

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Balloon Decor Arch Maui

Kamehameha School Grad – Maui Tropical Plantation (Blue, White & Silver Balloons)

Kamehameha Schools Graduate (Oahu) enjoyed a party on Oahu and on Maui to share this achievement with her family and friends.

Kamehameha Schools Graduation Decor - Sweet-Art Designs Maui

BHS Project Graduation 2010 (Black & Gold Theme)

BHS Project Grad 2010

Wow, what fun we had to be a part of the Baldwin High School Project Grad 2010. An all night drug and alcohol free event for H.P. Baldwin High School graduates, Class of 2010. Sweet-Art Designs focused on the balloon arches, the columns at the entrance for the dance floor, supplying balloon supplies, helium and helping arrange :) It was amazing to involved with such a great project!

BHS Project Grad - Maui - Sweet-Art Designs Balloon Decor

Helium Balloon Arch – Blue, White & Silver

Helium balloon arch for flexibility on the size and location use. A few clusters for the inside of the tents for more decor. With balloons, your guests will be sure to find the party!

Kamehameha Schools Grad Arch Sweet-Art Designs

Twins Zebra Birthday Celebration (Pink & Black)

This celebration started with unique personalized Zebra invitations to announce their birthday event. Then… simple balloon centerpiece decorations. Balloon selection attached to the zebra & pink balloon weights were  Zebra print balloons, Magenta, Pink & Black.

It was great to work with this wonderful family as they celebrated a special celebration for their twins Emily & Jordyn!

Ipo Dutro-Ching & Family

Race Car – Lightning McQueen Birthday

Lightning McQueen – Race car theme…

Pennant Checkered Flags were used (12in x 18in Poly Pennant Strings – 100 ft) and Red Pearl, Black Pearl, Checkered Flag & Silver Mylars to create a centerpiece bouquet.

Race Car Clusters with Silver Stars

Race Car Balloon Decor

Shalia-Tiana of Sweet-Art Designs

Shalia filled helium balloons to be handed out for the children at the party.

Balloon Clusters for Banner

Balloon Clusters provided by Sweet-Art Designs

Lightning McQueen Party

Ocean Colors – Balloon Columns

First Birthday Party – Using the existing tent, Sweet-Art Designs added ocean color balloon columns to match the ‘Opihi Baby theme.

First Birthday Balloons, Flowers and Butterflies!

First Birthday Celebration for Jordyn-Rhys (parents: mommy Britney-Ann & daddy Jr.) …

Sweet-Art Designs provided the balloon decorations on the stage (2 – four color columns & 2 mini columns) along with two floating clusters near the entrance.

Super cute set up by the family with butterflies, flowers, and vibrant bright colors to brighten the theme. This family worked so hard to put together an awesome party! Catering buffet set up was perfect, with pupu’s, lot’s of great food and desserts! Even a keiki (kids) corner with their type of favorite foods! As you can see, the centerpieces were colorful and fun… even the personalized M&M Candy Favor Boxes that included baby’s portrait! How about the goodie bag area, where each child received a coupon book to redeem for a chance to fill their goodie bag with cracker jacks, an activity book & crayons, pixie sticks, cotton candy, Jordy-Jordy animal crackers! How lucky! Check out the photos where you can see her flower pot card box, her awesome butterfly cake and more!

Hula Girl Birthday! (Pink, Lime Green & White)

An outdoor birthday party right at home! Put up the tent for shade and add some balloons for decoration! Don’t forget the jumping castle (provided by Jumpin for Joy Maui or Contact:

Renele’s Birthday also had a Hula girl pinata, Hula girl goodie bags, slip ‘n slide, ono (delicious) food, and can’t forget the Hula girl cake with ice cream!

Previous Post – Hula Girl Invitation

Cupcakes & Cakes!

Cupcakes Theme…

Cupcake Centerpieces Bowls

Cup cake shaped bowls with removable lid. Hand painted ceramic. Hand wash only.
3 3/4″H X 3 1/4″Diameter. Opening 1 1/4″H X 2 1/4″Opening.
2 Assortment of 4. Total of 8 pcs.

Cupcake Stand Cake Plate Flower Plate

Spring shower cake pedestal with pink flower in middle.

Ceramic. Handwash only/FDA approved.

5″H X 8 1/2″Diameter.
Set of 2.

#4 Fancy Frosting assorted cupcake designs on front of felt bags.

4 1/2″H X 4 1/2″W X 4 1/2″D.

4 Assortments of 2. Total of 8 pcs. Tissue not included.

Cupcake Favor Gift Bag

Gift bag with clear plastic bag to hold contents.

Velcro closure.
6″H X 3.5″W X 2″G
Candy not included

Cupcake Balloon Decoration

18″ Happy Birthday Mylar Balloon (Multiples of 6)

27" Cupcake Shape Balloon Decoration

27″ Cupcake Shape Balloon Decoration (Multiples of 3)

31" Happy Birthday Cupcake Shaped Holographic Balloon Decoration

31″ Happy Birthday Cupcake Shaped Holographic Balloon (Multiples of 3)

18" Make a Wish Cupcake Mylar Balloon

18″ Make a Wish Cupcake Mylar Balloon (Multiples of 3)

Yummy Cake Theme…

31" Cake slice shaped foil balloon

31″ Cake slice shaped foil balloon. (Multiples of 3)

18" Happy Birthday Cake Day holographic foil balloon

18″ Happy  Cake Day holographic foil balloon (Multiples of 6)

34" Happy Birthday cake shaped holographic foil balloon

34″ Happy Birthday cake shaped holographic foil balloon (Multiples of 3)

22" Happy Birthday Cake Bubble Balloon

22″ Birthday Cake Bubble Balloon (Multiples of 3)

Bubbles bring new life to balloons with a round, wrinkle free, beach ball like appearance with 3-D effect from every angle.

Non allergenic, long lasting, and no oxidization.

31" Happy Birthday Cake. Bubble Balloon

31″ Happy Birthday Cake. Bubble Balloon (Multiples of 3)

Butterfly Theme Ideas


Butterfly items for your party needs…..

Items listed may be ordered, please email for prices on selected items you are interested in. Custom invitations also available! Enjoy!

Nylon and felt decor butterflies.
Pink, blue, purple, yellow, orange & green.
16.5″H x 21″W
set of 6.

Butterfly Decor w/Clip

Acrylic butterfly garland with sheer ribbon.

Colors include: Purple, blue, hot pink, and green.

51″ Long.

Butterflies made of nylon with polka dots and beads.
large butterfly is 3 1/2″H X 4″W
small butterfly is 2 1/4″H X 3″W

Nylon butterfly picks with beads on wings. Colors include: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple, Yellow, and Orange.
11″Tall. 3″H X 4″W.
Assortment of 24.

Orange, blue, pink, yellow, green and lavender with small gems and glitter.

The bodies are beaded. Black magnet on the back. Made of nylon.
2 1/2″H X 2 1/2″W

Set of butterfly frames with glitter and sequins.

The butterfly is made of nylon. and the frame is made of wood.
7 1/4″H X 11 1/4″W

**Out of stock. May be backordered.
Expected in stock 2/15/2010.

FRAME WOOD BUTTERFLY, Wood frame in the shape of a butterfly.
5 1/2″H X 7 3/4″W

Frame Flip Flops

Handpainted resin frame.
5″H X 3″W
Insert: 2.5 x 2.5
2 sets of 3

Frame - Flight of Fancy. Resin. Assort.
resin 8″ X 6 1/4″
insert 4″ X 5 1/2″

Let Love Grow hand-painted tin tealight holder.
4.75″H x 5″W x 2″D
assortment of 3

Small nylon butterfly with glitter on wings. These butterflies have wire on the back so that it can attach to pots and vases.
2″H X 3 1/2″W

Nylon butterfly with glittered dots.
10″H X 14″W.
Strings attached to each butterfly enabling them to hang.

Large Petal Pop flowers in pink with green dots, blue with yellow dots, and green with yellow dots.

All with yellow centers and smaller layer of pink petals. Butterflies have clear monofilament line attached for optional hanging.
21 1/2″ Diameter. 2 Assortments of 3. Total of 6 pcs.

**Out of stock. May be backordered.  Expected in stock 1/20/2010.

6″ Pails

Planter - Pottery Assort.
4 1/2″H X 4 3/4″Opening

4″ Planter with stitched flowers in Yellow, Green, and Pink. Fiberglass.
4″H X 4 1/2″Opening.

Assortment of 3

Garden Parade gift bag with velcro closure.
6″H X 3.5″W X 2″Gusset.
candy not included

Assortment of 4 satin table runners with sheer overlay.
Acrylic butterflies hanging from each corner.
Lime, teal, pink & yellow.
Set of 4.

Stiped colored stacked boxes with butterfly lids.
2 3/4″H X 4″SQ.
3 1/2″H X 5 1/4 SQ.
3 3/4″H X 7″SQ.
4 1/4″H X 7 1/2″SQ.
5″H X 8 1/2″SQ.

2 nested sets of 5. Total of 10 pcs.

Baby Blocks stacked ceramic vases with A B and C on one side and a bee, butterfly, and baby buggy on the other.

Vase is hand painted.
8 1/2″H X 2 1/4″W X 2 1/4″D. Set of 4

Vase - Flight of Fancy
7 3/4″H X 3 1/2″Opening

Happy birthday pick with butterflies. Plastic.
Message: 3″H X 3″W. Pick 9″H.

Assortment of 24.

Butterfly Large Decoration

Butterfly garland with beads. The butterflies are blue, yellow, magenta, orange, lavender and green.
5′ Long
Butterfly is 2 3/4″H X 4 1/2″W

Customer gets 12 butterflies in 2 sizes. The butterflies are assorted colors.
7 1/2″H X 14″W
5″H X 9 1/2″W

11″ Butterflies latex

Lime Green and Pink
Flutterbys Happy Birthday

18″ Happy Birthday Flutter Brights butterflies foil balloon.

18″ Happy Birthday Butterfly Sparkles Balloon (Multiples of 6)

18″ Happy Birthday Dragonfly & Butterfly Balloon (Multiples of 6)

18″ Happy Birthday Butterflies (Multiples of 6)

42″ Mylar Balloon – Spring Butterfly Shape.

25″ Mylar Butterfly Balloon  (Multiples of 3)

38″ Linky Butterfly Shaped foil balloon.

25″ Bright Butterfly Balloon Shape Foil (Multiples of 3)

Ladybug, flower, and butterfly stacker balloon.
34″H X 22″W.

31″ Butterfly Cluster Balloon (Multiples of 3)

25″ Butterfly Pastel Balloon (Multiples of 3)


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