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Keiki Moments

Seahorse Birthday Party

Fun Seahorse Theme – From invitations, to a banner, a sign in board 18″ x 24″, money box (by Sharon Clemons), balloon decor, photo’s for centerpieces, photo stickers for favors, and holiday Christmas photo cards as a Mahalo (thank you)….

Baby Chalea – 4 weeks

Baby Chalea was such a pleasure to work with. She was wide awake, and then was able to get comfortable in her mommys arms. As she was held with love, Chalea was able to fall asleep peacefully and pose for her special shots. She then was able to wake and show us a few smiles… what a wonderful baby! Here are just a few shots …

My “Chance” –

I love him so much… keeps mommy crazy busy! He is my “Opihi” …. and is always close by, and loves being held, squeezed, and kissed!

Chance K. Badon Dellomes - Sweet-Art Designs Studio 7-16-09 14 Months 11 Days

Precious Little Summer

Na Keiki – “A day at the beach”… Children Beach Photos

So beautiful, to watch as the keiki play on the beach in the sand! 




Baby Brooklyn


Working with the talented Wendy (Wendy Easley Photography) who specializes in newborn photography, it was such an experience. Little Lucia was 6 days old as she posed so preciously for the camera.

Miss Madisyn & Matthew


Matthew & Madisyn

Twins – Baptismal Photos

After a busy moments of working with the twins, the final project was successful! Wow, that was fun! We had a full room with Wendy, Kamoana (3), Kapono (2 months), Michele, Madisyn & Matthew (9 months), Shai (4), Chance (9 1/2 months), and I.  Whew… it turned out great!