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Custom Money Box – a local tradition…

To Order or Request a Custom Money Box, please e-mail: and Visit: to learn more about Sharon Lei the Creator!

Money Boxes or Card Boxes are a local tradition. Especially for a First Birthday Celebration! They are used at celebrations placed at the reception table (or check-in table) where guests can place their cards in. They are used for all occasions, including weddings, graduations, birthdays, retirement parties, you name it.

Themed money boxes are hand crafted by the Talented – Sharon Lei Clemons. They are specially designed with materials that bring the boxes to life. Each one is assembled with special care. As you can see, the size and dimensions are more than exciting. They are a hit!

Here are just a few of the many creations…….

Mickey Mouse Money Box

Lady Bug Money Box

Sharon Lei Clemons with another Lady Bug!

Seahorse Money Box

Seahorse Birthday Card Box

Zebra Print Money Box for Princess Ssyena

Princess Birthday Zebra Print & Pink Money Box

Tinkerbell (First Birthday)

Tinkerbell Money Card Box First Birthday

Guitar Hero (First Birthday Card Box)

Guitar Hero Money Card Box (First Birthday Party)

Slot Machine Card Box (Graduation Party)

Slot Machine Money Card Box (Graduation Party)

**Please note – Money Boxes are handcrafted and made on the island of Maui and are hand delivered to our valued clients.

Birthday in a BoxBirthday in a BoxBirthday in a BoxBirthday in a BoxBirthday in a Box